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You all know that here at Amsterdam Fashion Tv we all have a passion for the classic elegant car and when it comes to classic cars… how could we not be present at the huge car show in Amsterdam AutoRai from april 17th to 26th


At AutoRAI Classical go back in time! You will find about 100 design icons from the past, such as the Renault 4, Golf 1 GTI and MINI, but also a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, Jaguar MKII, Audi Quattro and Bentley Blower 4.5 Le Mans. In addition there are several cars of the National Police, the first Ferrari of late Prince Bernhard and the first electric car.

Emotions and horse power is a must of course at AutoRai. With tears a supercar full throttle in a hall of Amsterdam RAI and drifting through the bend? That is also possible at the Amsterdam Motor! Sit next to the best drivers in the Netherlands including a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Aston Martin and enjoy a tasty piece erasers. Or try one of the hydraulic Formula 1 or World Rally Car simulators and take a look in the pit lane.

AutoRai is an experience full of actions and activity to try yourself. In the AutoRAI Outdoor Park is plenty to do!Learn example check your car on the Continental slip job where you will experience the difference between driving on winter and summer tires. Drive, brakes, sliding and correct; that is the key to the Continental Slip alley. Answered 3 questions and win one of the two slip courses for two people.

Stay Tuned for the full Amsterdam Fashion Tv Reportage

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