Male Gaze: Jack Donaghy’s Chest of Fur

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In honor of tonight’s final-ever episode of 30 Rock, we’d like to transfix our eyes onto the wild jungle of human fur magnificently sprawled out over a vintage and collegiate photo of Alec Baldwin’s … Jack Donaghy’s chest. Princeton even dedicated a yearbook page to the suited-up, smooth-talking, fictional NBC network executive (and head of GE’s microwave oven division) known for his choice insults, working-class Bostonian roots, and complex-but-loving relationships with women (a.k.a his mother and Liz Lemon). While we’ve only seen the CEO version of Jack Donaghy on the small screen, we’re imagining that a young Donaghy would’ve looked just like a young Alec. If it’s even possible, peel your eyes away from his chest mane and gaze into that perfect face of his — those piercing eyes, those structured brows, and the ever-so-slight tuft of fringe crowning his forehead. According to Donaghy lore, his handsome looks helped him transfer over to the microwave division in his early years at GE. And the rest is history.

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