Meet The Photographer Ricardo Abrahao

Ricardo was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1987.

He studied industrial design and got the chance to work with big names such as Claudia Moreira Salles and the Campana brothers, which allowed me to develop my creative side in many areas of designing: products, graphic, packaging, scenography, furniture and interior design. The first time he realized photography was his true passion was when he hit the road in 2010 and went backpacking around Asia by himself  for 8 months. He began with the stories of all the amazing places and people he met in his journey, than he started taking pictures to document everything that was happening around him.

Coming back to Brazil he enrolled in Speos Photography Institute in Paris and specialized his education in studio, fashion and portrait photography.

Amsterdam Fashion Tv had the chance of interviewing Ricardo and we asked him some questions:

AMSFTV: Who is Ricardo?

R.Abrahao: Oh my…opening with the hardest question…ok! I’m a photographer, designer, 100% Brazilian but 1000% citizen of the world, traveller, dreamer, passionated and energetic on everything I want to accomplish and before this starts sounding like a dating profile, better to jump to the other questions.

AMSFTV: How did you discovered to be such an artist?

R.Abrahao: I graduated as a product designer and worked with big names like Claudia Moreira Salles and the Campana brothers, and from that I got the opportunity to work in many areas of design like furniture, packaging, graphic, scenography, etc. Maybe photography  was another way I found to express my thoughts and ideas besides design…I feel it more personal, that’s what I like about it.

AMSFTV: What do you care the most in your life

R.Abrahao: Should I say my family so they don’t kill me? Hahaha. My backpack is my best buddy, and we had quite a long trip in Asia in 2010 for 8 months, just the 2 of us. That is what I love to do…go somewhere I have never been and explore it in all the ways I can. So I wouldn’t say this is what I care about the most, but it is definitely the thing that fulfills me the most in life, this world full of possibilities and excitement.

AMSFTV: What you don’t like about your job

R.Abrahao: I don’t think people realize that taking pictures takes around 20% of the time, the rest are meetings, preparation, post production, more meetings, etc etc. If I could work more on my photography more and do those other things less, I would be a happy man.

AMSFTV: Where do you see yourself projected in 5 years time from now

R.Abrahao: Hopefully I would have lived in a couple of other countries and thinking about the next destination. Like a bar hopping but for photographing around the world.

AMSFTV: What is your dream assignment

R.Abrahao: One of the places I loved the most getting to know was Bhutan, it really had a big impact on me at the time…I did volunteer work in a hospital, got the chance to meet the Queen and the landscapes….absolutely fantastic! Put me on a plane and send me to photograph there and I will bring back you some yak cheese and butter tea to thank you.

AMSFTV: What is your main inspiration

R.Abrahao: Ohhh….I’m inspired by so many things that is hard to pick one! I mean let’s focus on fashion so I can be more direct: I’m really inspired my movies, books, songs and how I could translate those into fashion photography. And let’s talk about documentary photography…growing up I had seen Sebastiao Salgado’s books at my grandmother’s house and they had always fascinated me! That kind of interaction that he has specially with the people on his portraits…that’s what I look for when I am shooting, that’s what inspires me the most! How to document and exchange, a feeling and convey that into an image to tell a story to another person that was not there at the moment but can see exactly the story you want to tell.

AMSFTV: Put those thing in order of importance for you Art, Beauty, Love, Money

R.Abrahao: Well, I think for every person in the world you should be motivated love, love for your family, friends, work, whatever it is, so that would be the first one! Then money and art I think are on the same level since you need money to fund your art and by doing your art (working) you get money to do other things that are important to you beside your work. And beauty….well, that is so relative, what I find beautiful is not what you may like and vice versa….so for me beauty is not important, it has never been. I rather go with interesting or exciting.

AMSFTV: What is your weakness

I want to do 1294712312458 things at the same time but I have to say…I’m terrible at multitasking, you can ask my mother! And also…let’s face it, I’m Brazilian so give me a nice cold beer and a nice piece cut of meat and I will give in!

R.Abrahao: What do you think about Amsterdam

I have been to Amsterdam a few times and I always love it! I have some really good Dutch friends there that I met traveling in Asia and the vibe of the city is always good, people seem happy and are always nice! And I’m addicted to the bitterballen! OK, I talked about food again!

Nowadays he lives and works in Paris.


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