The Italian fashion designer Danila Dubua’, produces collections, mere parlour for the Neapolitan Fashion


Her dresses, rigorously hand-cut and sewn, are produced at well-known Neapolitan tailors, ever the pride of Napleseither in Italy and abroad; her creations are, in fact, the unmistakeable symbols of the Made-In-Italy style and are genetically branded with the excellence criteria.

A unique style, which blends personality, elegance and femininity and which has been celebrated by magazines such as Vogue, le Monde and other international press.

Style, sophistication and quality, the criteria that inspire her brand, which today more than ever aims not only to the beauty of the garment but mainly to the precision and care put into its realization, together with the high quality of the chosen fabrics.

Image-consultant and stylist of numerous VIPs, Danila Dubua’ is also Miss Universe’s official stylist in Italy and was the representative of Italian fashion in the world at the world final in Las Vegas.

The fashion designer Danila Dubua’ has designed Eliana Ricci’s “Red Carpet” collection.

The unique pieces that characterize this collection are realised with  precious Swarovski applications, highly refined materials and accessories, are the stylish mark of a haute couture collection which immediately affects for its uniqueness.


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