Every Single Outfit From Taylor Swift’s "Bad Blood" Music Video (All 36 of Them!)

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Thank goodness last night’s Billboard Music Awards opened with the premiere of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video because let’s be honest—the world couldn’t have waited much longer (there was seriously that much hype). All the cameos from Taylor’s high-powered posse of pals meant there were a ton of different outfits and, spoiler alert, every single one was pretty sexy.

Outfit #1: Taylor’s nude bustier and skirt
The video opened with so much action that we didn’t get a good look at Taylor’s first outfit until she got pushed through a window. With a nude latex bustier, mini skirt, garter belt, and thigh-highs, it started things off plenty steamy.

Outfit #2: Selena Gomez’s pussy-bow blouse and mini skirt
Selena got retro-cool in black tights and pumps, plus a swing mini and necktie blouse.

Outfit #3 and #4: Kendrick Lamar’s black suit and Taylor’s white latex two-piece
Kendrick wore black suiting to sit behind a desk, boss-style, and Taylor wore white latex with buckles to log time in a sci-fi machine that appeared to fix any wounds she sustained from Selena.

Outfit #5: Lena Dunham’s scene-stealing gloves
We didn’t get to see Lena’s entire outfit, but her most major accessory was on full display: those buttery soft black leather gloves.

Outfit #6 and #7: Hailee Steinfeld’s white suit, and Taylor’s armor plates and crazy boots
For her part in the trio of healers, Hailee wore all white (all the way down to her chunky heeled Chelsea boots) and helped outfit Tay in those sick armored pieces. Also worth noting here: Taylor’s crazy, Lady Gaga-esque boots.

Outfit #8: Serayah’s bondage bra and cutout bodysuit
Straps were everywhere on Serayah’s sexy number—they hugged her sides, criss-crossed at the shoulder, and replaced regular bra straps.

Outfit #9: Gigi Hadid’s bra, body harness, and over-the-knee boots
High-waisted shorts mixed with a harness and tall boots that felt like high-fashion armor.

Outfit #10: Ellie Goulding’s long-sleeve top, shorts, and wide belt
The thing that pushed Ellie’s look from basic LBD to something seriously dangerous? That wide belt, complete with three straps and a ton of buckles and hoops.

Outfit #11: Martha Hunt’s full-coverage bodysuit
Victoria’s Secret beauty Martha was the vid’s most ninja-like warrior, spinning and twisting in long-sleeve leather.

Outfit #12 and #13: Kendrick’s suit and Taylor’s sexy black lingerie
A baseball cap made Kendrick’s earlier look more casual for a ride around the training facility, while Taylor got extra saucy in black lingerie and sexy stockings.

Outfit #14 and #15: Cara Delevingne’s bandage cage one-piece and Taylor’s silver spike bra
Cara made her appearance in a bandage bathing suit, while Taylor got fierce with a spiked bra top and wrist-length leather gloves.

Outfit #16 and #17: Zendaya’s bra, biker shorts, and platform boots, and Taylor’s turtleneck and platform boots
There was a ’90s vibe going on for Zendaya, who rocked biker shorts, high socks, and chunky platforms. Taylor rocked the same shoes, but had a Princess Leia thing going with her billowy sleeve onesie.

Outfit #18 and #19: Hayley Williams’ blue cutout bodysuit and Taylor’s leather leotard and over-the-knee boots
As one of the few ladies permitted to wear non-black, Paramour’s Hayley really stood out in blue leather. Taylor stood by in another leather leotard and tall boots.

Outfit #20: Taylor’s white jumpsuit and fur hood
For her turn out of all-black, Taylor wore a white short suit (that looked, shape-wise, a lot like this red carpet pick).

Outfit #21: Lily Aldridge’s white zippered two-piece, fur hood, and fur arm warmers
Lily’s outfit mimicked Taylor’s, though there were key differences. Hers was a two-piece with metallic silver accents and featured more fuzz on her arm warmers.

Outfit #22 and #23: Karlie Kloss’ and Taylor’s all-black boxing outfits
The real-life pals battled in the ring in tiny one-pieces that could be marketed as super sexy singlets.

Outfit #24 and #25: Jessica Alba’s and Taylor’s leather motorcycle racing jumpsuits
For the video’s fastest scene (speed racers!), Taylor and Jessica both wore slick leather racing suits.

Outfit #26: Taylor’s latex and leather jumpsuit
A matte leather jumpsuit with geometric latex lines would have stood out, flare or no flare.

Outfit #27and #28: Mariska Hargitay’s fringed jacket and Ellen Pompeo’s bold shoulders
Mariska’s statement jacket featured trendy fringe all over, while Ellen showed off some sharp shoulders with her structured shrug.

Outfit #29: Cindy Crawford’s leather bodysuit and body harness
Cindy looked every inch the glamazon warrior princess in high-shine leather with a harness and leg holster on her thigh.

Outfit #s 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, and 35: Lots of leather, lots of metal accents
For the mini movie’s big battle scene, Taylor and her ladies rallied in uniforms ready for high-fashion fighting. From left to right, Hayley, Zendaya, Gigi, Tay, Martha, Serayah, and Cara all showed off a mix of leather shorts, bustiers, and boots.

Outfit #36: Selena’s black bustier
As the leader of the opposite army, Selena had the same vibe going on: a sexy bra top with sheer long sleeves and skinny straps.

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