CARTHUSIA The Perfumes of Capri – the scents of Capri !


The exquisite perfumes produced by Carthusia tell a tale not only of one of the world’s most beautiful isle(Capri) and the flowers which grow there..capturing the essence of an island ….the latest innovations from Carthusia Capri.

Beautiful, hypnotic, unforgettable and mythical. These are just some of the many faces of the one of the Mediterranean’s wonderfully chic islands …. and its scents. The air of Capri is filled with them, and they linger unaltered in one’s memory. Carthusia – The scents of Capri. The evocative power of scents is rooted in tradition and ancient legends. And today nothing has changed: working methods, the quality of the raw materials, the love with which each perfume is prepared, filtered and individually packaged by hand.

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