Data Says: Thongs Are Out, Granny Panties Are In


There’s a sea change happening in the underwear drawers of young women across the country: Thongs are being abandoned in favor of full-seated briefs. “Within millennial and Generation Y consumer groups, it’s considered cool to be wearing full-bottom underwear. Thongs have had their moment,” Bernadette Kissane, a Euromonitor apparel analyst, told The New York Times.

Market research firm NPD reports that sales of thongs have decreased 7 percent over the last year, while briefs and boy shorts sales have grown by 17 percent. The increase can be credited in part to the growing array fuller-coverage options. Brands like Ten Undies are making the brief cool and fashionable again (and the reemergence of Calvin Klein’s retro styles is no happy accident).


Whatever your underwear preference is, the best message to take from the increased underwear offerings is: ladies’ choice.

“The high-waisted and high-cut styles hark back to a time when different body shapes were in style. There is not one ‘ideal body,’ but a plethora of them,” model Myla Dalbesio told the Times.

Echoing the idea of variety was Mayan Toledano, one of the designers behind underwear brand Me and You. “There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be more traditionally sexy and wearing a thong. This is a step toward embracing more variety in what’s offered.”

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