People Are Going Crazy For This Supermodel With Legs the Length of an Average 7-Year-Old


The world’s going crazy for Dong Lei, a model who was on Chinese reality show Supermodel and has legs that clock in at 45 inches— a.k.a. the approximate size of a 7-year-old girl. In China, the average height for a woman is 5’3 (63 inches), meaning Lei’s legs would be over 70% of their total stature. In the U.S., the typical female is 65 inches.

To put those super stems in perspective, we present the below:

35 inches: The average height of a mature Great Dane, measured from shoulder to floor.
40 inches: Karlie Kloss’ legs.
53 inches: Tyrion Lanister (aka Peter Dinklage), fully standing.

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