21 Victoria Beckham Fun Facts That Will Make You Love Her Even More

Victoria Beckham had a packed house in stitches at the 92nd Street Y in New York City Wednesday night, where she took to the stage with fashion exec Fern Mallis. The hour-long conversation ran the gamut from her Spice Girls audition (she sang “Mein Herr” from Cabaret—”a bit dramatic, but it got me in the group,” she says) to David’s marriage proposal 15 years ago (“he asked my dad before he did it, which was very nice and appropriate”).

And even after a long day of presenting her resort 2016 collection to buyers and press, Beckham had the caffeinated wit and infectious charm of a woman who believes that anything is possible—with a little bit of girl power. Here are the highlights that will make you love her more than you thought was ever possible.


1. What Her Nickname “Posh” really means: “What Posh actually stands for, is when people used to travel abroad on boats. It stood for Port Out and Starboard Home…but in England, if you go to a nice restaurant, it’s a ‘posh’ restaurant, or if you have nice clothes, they’re ‘posh’ clothes.”

2. Her parents are still crazy in love: “My parents have been together for years and years and years. They’re very happy. My mom and dad still sit in front of the TV and hold hands, which is really really sweet. They’ve always been great parents.”

3. Her grandparents kept exotic pets: “I didn’t actually meet the penguin or the monkey…it was when my mom was young.”

4. She wanted to fit in at school: “My dad worked really hard and it was always his ambition to own a Rolls-Royce…So when he got his Rolls-Royce, he used to drive us to school in it every day and I was just mortified. We used to beg him to just drop us at the end of the road. He had a van for work and we used to beg him to take us in the van…. How times have changed because I would love to ride in a Rolls-Royce today.”

5. Her first atelier was the school bathroom: “I’ve always loved fashion. At school, I used to do a little bit of customizing the school uniform in the toilets at lunchtime.”

6. Her first date was at McDonald’s:“He was the first boy to ask me out at school because I really wasn’t popular with the boys. They weren’t interested in me.”

7. Her first big fashion purchase: “I bought Patrick Cox shoes when I got my first paycheck from the Spice Girls. They were white slingback Wannabes. I queued up outside Patrick Cox on a Saturday afternoon with my sister.”

8. Her backup plan (in case the pop stardom/fashion icon thing didn’t work out): I qualified to be a dance teacher…because my mom always taught me if I had to have something to fall back on, I could have that. So if this doesn’t go well, I can be a tap-dancing teacher.”

9. The original name for the Spice Girls: “We were going to be the Spicy Girls, but then…there was a porn site called the Spicy Girls. So we had to change it, because obviously that wouldn’t have been very good.”

10. The Spice Girls’ message: “We were five girls that individually weren’t that great, but collectively we worked together and normal girls could relate to us. The message was that it’s OK to be different. That’s where girl power came from. Be who you are, be proud to be who you are, and really value friendships.”

11. How the girls snuck away from their first managers: “We escaped in the middle of the night from the house we were in. We had a demo CD that we recorded [that] Geri hid it in her knickers. We just decided to leave one night and we decided to do things differently. We did our research. We were very impressed with Annie Lennox’s career, so we found [her manager] Simon Fuller. Now he’s my friend and my partner in the [fashion] business. I’ve known Simon since I was 18 years old.”

12. On meeting husband David: “Simon was a huge Manchester United fan. He introduced me and David after the game…What I really liked about David right from the start is that when all the other players were in the lounge afterward having a drink with their friends, David was sitting with his mom and dad and his younger sister. I really liked that. I’m really close to my family, he’s very close to his and I just thought that was really nice.”

13. How he proposed: “We were in a hotel up north and he got down on one knee and he proposed. He asked my dad before he did that, which was great and very appropriate.”

14. On being pregnant with Brooklyn on tour: “We were on tour in America and performing in lots of amphitheaters…I remember it was really, really, really hot. I was wearing a PVC catsuit and a wig, because my hair was just out of control because it was so hot! I had such terrible morning sickness. And Melanie B too, because she was pregnant at the same time. It was awful, absolutely awful. And then I got bigger and bigger and bigger and I was still wearing that PVC catsuit and platform trainers. It was quite tough being on tour and being pregnant at the same time. I’d come off stage and I’d say to the tour manager, I can’t go on. What happens if I just say ‘I’m going home and I don’t want to do this anymore’? Every night he would say, ‘you’ll get sued, get the catsuit back on.'”

15. On walking the Roberto Cavalli runway: “I remember phoning my mom and saying ‘I’m really nervous. I’m walking in this fashion show.’ She said to me: ‘You’ve been walking for 30 years; if you haven’t been able to get it by now, well….'”

16. On launching her first ready-to-wear collection: “We had two models, no stylists. I didn’t know about that. The two girls would just walk toward us and I started talking, because I love talking. People started to like the fact that I narrated through the collections…. Sometimes it would be me and a roomful of people and sometimes it would be me and just one person. And even if that person didn’t speak English, I would talk about the collection. Because I just loved it.”

17. On fear: “Sometimes, I really think and I really wish I could sit back and enjoy the moment more, but I’m terrified. It’s not that I want to prove anything to anyone other than myself, but there are lots of things I want to do. And it’s nerve-racking and it doesn’t get any easier…. I asked Marc Jacobs, ‘does it get any easier? Am I going to feel like this every season?’ And he said ‘yeah.'”

18. Who she wants to dress next: “Hillary Clinton…I would love to dress her.”

19. On designing an affordable collection: “I’d like to offer clothes to people that can’t or don’t want to pay designer prices. I really want to make women feel great and be empowered. I still want to reach out to that customer. It’s just figuring out who to do it with and when to do it.”

20. What she says when she sees someone wearing her designs: “When I see a person wearing my dress or carrying of of my handbags, that’s really exciting to me. I always say ‘you looks great’ and you can see that women feel good and they feel sexy in the dresses.”

21. Her kids’ take on Spice World: “I’ve watched it with them. They laugh. It’s actually funny. One of them is obsessed with the Spice bus.”

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