Accent From The Wound – Remus Puscariu and Alice Gancevici

Festival of Choices, Graduation Show of the Sandberg Institute
June 17-21 2015
Opening June 17, 6-9 pm

tegenboschvanvreden is very happy to announce the upcoming presentation of Alice Gancevici and Remus Pușcariu. Their exhibition Accent From The Wound is part of the Festival of Choices, the Graduation Show Master of Fine Arts of the Sandberg Institute, that takes place at different venues in Amsterdam.


Gancevici and Pușcariu focus on theatre, as a carrier of a very particular, rooted set of conventions. Theatre draws much of its cruxes (like any form of fiction) from what two centuries ago was to be named a willing suspension of disbelief — that process by which we ignore any resemblance to reality and allow ourselves to suspend our judgment of the implausibility of what is perceived. Between us and theatre there is something like a treaty by means of which we agree that what is exposed on stage, far from being dangerous, becomes domesticated, thus serving as an instrument of our power to act. As we agree to it, we gain the power to act by way of wilful surrender.

The exhibition joins together several works, all dealing in different manners with issues orbiting the notion of control —of self and others— as experienced through the means of theatre and theatrical tropes applied in everyday conduct and decision-making. Present in the show are a deconstruction of obedience training in canines; a document of a re-enactment, pertaining to historically suppressed policies of oppressive regimes and minority population management; electro-activated muscles; and a staging of two actors in a repetitive attempt to escape the theatre by embodying the characters of an alpha and omega dog.

The selection brings forth an abstraction of a broader research into power structures, structures for distribution of control/command or lack thereof, catastrophes (natural or so-called man-made), domestication, usage, conditioning, oppression and obedient matter. It’s purpose— to reflect on the supposedly goal-oriented nature.

Alice Gancevici (RO) and Remus Pușcariu (RO) form a collaborative duo. With a background in visual arts and theatre directing, their interest lies mainly in the critical, yet poetic reading of historical artefacts and their contemporary counterparts. They were participants in the MFA programme at the Sandberg Institute and are involved in co-running Bucharest AiR, an artists’ residency in Bucharest.

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Ana Navas

In her spectacular first solo-show at tegenboschvanvreden Venezuelan-Ecuadorian visual artist Ana Navas (1984) focusses on processes of assimilation – of art, of politics, of primitive cultures – and the formation of (cultural) identity. She works in different media such as video, installations, action and photography. Navas graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe Germany in 2010 from the class of Professor Franz Ackermann and was a participant of the residency program De Ateliers in Amsterdam 2012-2014.

.June 27 – August 1, 2015

Opening Saturday June 27 from 5 – 7 pm

With special thanks to the AFK Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst for their generous support


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