How to Make Your Own Pair of Cutoffs

Summer is prime season for cutoffs, and if you’re looking to save money on a new pair—or just looking to be creative!—it’s easy to turn an old pair of jeans into a killer pair of cutoffs with a little DIY know-how.

In this easy step-by-step guide, Jenni Radosevich, blogger behind I Spy DIY and author of I Spy DIY Style, shows you how:


X-acto knife
Cutting mat


Step one: Try on your jeans and mark how short you would like to cut them. Remember: You can always make your cutoffs shorter, but you can’t add length back to sections you’ve cut. Err on the side of longer as you’re getting started.

Step two: Using scissors, slowly cut off the legs of the jeans, making sure to leave the back section of the leg a little longer than the front section.


Step three: Distress the hemline on your new shorts by pulling on loose threads.


Step five: Place your newly cut shorts on the cutting mat. Using an X-acto knife, slice horizontal parallel lines into the front of your shorts.


Step six: Pull out individual blue vertical threads with your fingers (or tweezers if you can’t get a good grip) to reveal the white threads. The first one can be difficult, but once you getting going, it’s really easy.


Step seven: Rub the sliced-up areas of the jeans with sandpaper to get a worn-in look.


Complete your project by washing your jeans in the machine to give them that perfectly distressed look. Hang them dry to prevent shrinkage. The more you wash, the more the threads will fray, creating an even better look for your new cutoffs!


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