The Painful Summer Shoe Mistake You Might Be Making

Allow us to interrupt your regularly scheduled program for this fashion PSA: If the weather forecast calls for a real scorcher of a day, you should think long and hard about your shoe choice.


Skip booties or ballet flats that totally contain your foot (even if they’re normally your comfiest shoes) if you know the day is supposed to be long on sunshine and you’ll be walking a lot or hanging around outdoors. When the weather is steamy, they could wind up pinching and squeezing in areas that were never a problem before.


Our feet are likely to swell just a bit and certainly sweat more than normal, making typically comfortable shoes a nightmare. Feet are responsible for a lot of body temperature regulation—they have about 250,000 sweat glands in them, more per inch than anywhere else on the body. Overly active glands are an actual medical problem (hyperhidrosis), but for the rest of us, humid, sticky weather is enough to get feet feeling a bit moist. While sweat is a totally normal thing, blister-causing friction tends to be worse when feet are a touch sweaty.

Combined with the fact that feet can swell slightly due to water retention on super-warm days, and you’ve got a recipe for shoe disaster.

The fix?

Get savvy with what shoes you chose to slip on. Flip-flops are typically frowned upon by podiatrists due to the lack of arch support, so look for a slightly more substantial sandal. Splurge on natural materials like leather or canvas—both will breath better than anything synthetic.

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