7 of the Best Moments From The Rachel Zoe Project, Just Because


When news broke that Rachel Zoe was returning to TV, we hoped it would be in the same catchphrase-creating, behind-the-scenes style as her Bravo show. Alas, it’s not—the format is said to be a late-night fashion talk show. While we’re sure watching the super-stylist talking fashion with a range of designers and stars will make for good TV, we can’t help but feel a little wistful for The Rachel Zoe Project days. Here, seven clips that made us fall in love with the show.

1. Watching the very real dynamic between Rachel, boss, and Taylor, assistant.
In this clip we see Taylor get pretty frustrated because Rachel made the pair decide who between the two of them should come along on a Paris trip.

2. When Brad joined team Rachel.
His relationship with the snarky but lovable Taylor was both sweet and cringe-worthy—the girl definitely believed in tough love.

3. New friends!
While Brad Goreski will forever be intertwined with RZ, don’t forget about the other sub-characters that made the show so watchable. In this clip with meet cutie Jeremiah Brent, through newcomer Mandana.

4. Two words: Oscar. Week.
The show seemed more realistic than other reality shows because it included a pretty legit look at what celebrity stylists have to go through to prep for big award shows. The stress is real.

5. Marvelously mundane conversation.
The reality also extended to the completely off-the-cuff chats that always seemed to happen in the back of overstuffed SUVs, giant coffee cups in hand.

6. Babies!
As one would expect, when Zoe shared she was pregnant for the first time, visions of one very stylish little boy came along with the announcement. Here’s the time Zoe tried very, very hard to convince her hubby that little baby Skyler needed a lot (and we mean a lot) of Gucci.

7. That time the couple upgraded from their condo to a house.
After letting the team do all the decorating, the final product was insane in the best way possible. From the stunning kitchen to the massive closet, every single piece of the interior looked amazing.

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