11 Things Every Fashion Lover Has in Her Closet

Whether you’re the type of fashion lover who’s always wearing heels or the type who practically lives in jeans, there are some commonalities between you and the rest of your shopaholic sisters. After hours spent shopping and even more time putting outfits together and thinking about what to wear, there’s a lot of stuff and emotion hidden behind those closet doors.


1. A serious sale buy.
It might not fit or be in style anymore, but you got such a good deal on it that there’s no way you’re giving it up.

2. One category with at least three options.
The exact section that’s overstuffed will depend on your particular weak spot. Whether it’s a penchant for striped shirts, little white dresses, or basic gray T-shirts, you’ve got the beginnings of a collection.

3. Something you know you spent too much money on.
You’re willing to admit you overspent. But it was too perfect/special/insanely wonderful to not buy, even if it blew your budget.

4. An uncomfortable pair of shoes.
The very thought of putting them on might make your feet ache, but they’re too gorgeous to give up.

5. Something that’s off-season.
It belongs in the totally opposite sort of weather than what’s currently happening outside your window, but it was too good of a find to pass up. Until the right season rolls around, it’ll be nice and safe sitting in your closet.

6. The perfect cocktail dress.
Whether it’s one you’ve worn a dozen times or a brand-new buy, it’s ready in case a last-minute invite comes your way.

7. A flea market find makes everyone jealous.
Whether you found it at a hole-in-the-wall vintage place, a consignment store, or your grandmother’s closet, it was the score of a century and all your friends have trouble hiding their jealousy.

8. Something with a memory attached.
As a fashion lover, you connect special events with what you were wearing. It might have been the dress you wore on the first date with someone special or a blouse you had on when you interviewed for your dream job, but either way, it has to stay.

9. Certain pieces you’re positive you’ll wear. Some day.
That old advice about tossing stuff that hasn’t been worn in a year is lost on you. As a fashion addict, you’ve got at least one piece that you haven’t actually worn yet, but there’s always tomorrow.

10. Seen-better-days basics.
When you love shopping, it’s tempting to focus all your discretionary budget on the fun stuff. Why bother replacing your basic tanks and tights when there are new trends to play with?

11. The one piece your friends always borrow.
With style like yours, you’re the one people are always ask for a fashionable loan. As such, at any given time your closet is short a dress, bag, or pair of shoes.

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