Freezing at Work? How to Battle Sexist AC Temperatures for Every Office Dress Code

If something seems so deeply unfair about the fact that you have to shiver through the work week while other colleagues buzz away happily at their desks, you’re on to something. A recent study published by Nature Climate Change revealed that a lot of offices are setting their air-conditioner systems based on recommendations crafted in the 1960s made with a middle-aged, 154-pound man’s body in mind.

“Many men think that women are just nagging, but it’s because of their physiology,” physicist Joost van Hoof told The New York Times. He explained that women are typically smaller with more body fat, meaning we have slower metabolic rates than men and therefore don’t create heat as quickly.


As the work force has changed, overly icy offices haven’t quite kept up with the times, and during steamy summer weeks, the disconnect can be incredibly frustrating. Survival on the commute from home to work may allow for little less than your thinnest fabrics but flash forward to your first email of the day and you’re downright freezing.

While the report will hopefully get employers to investigate the AC dial, there’s a very real possibility of another few weeks of summertime frostbite. To combat the chill stash a topper that universally flatters your work wardrobe and fits in with the style vibe of your office. That way you can avoiding lugging an outerwear option to and fro every single day.


Massimo Dutti blazer, $140,

For super corporate offices:
If you clock in at a buttoned-up company, your only real option is to keep a tailored extra layer. Look for a sharp blazer in a neutral that works with your favorite work pieces—think camel, navy, or black. A wool blend will provide substantially more warmth should your environment be extra frigid.


The Arrivals leather jacket, $585,

For medium corporate offices:
For professions that require a chic, polished look but let you get away with more than a classic suit, consider investing in a black leather jacket. It’s a piece that’ll never go out of style and works equally well with a prim shift or fluid trousers.


J.Crew denim jacket, $150,

For laid-back offices:
In a relaxed dress code, the sky’s the limit. For you, we suggest a classic jean jacket in a dark shade that works with every outfit. It’ll bring a playful element to your more professional pieces while also jiving with casual dresses and skirts.

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