Meet the Very Stylish Royal Family of Belgium

There’s a very well-dressed flock you might not have heard of before: Meet Princess Astrid of Belgium and the rest of her family. From daughters to new daughter-in-law (whose husband had to give up his chance at the crown in order to wed her), there’s a lot of style happening.

Princess Astrid is the younger sister of Belgium’s current ruler, King Philippe. She’s a frequent face at international events—much in the same way Queen Elizabeth dispatches relatives to attend functions on her behalf. Astrid always cuts a sleek figure while representing her people, wearing anything from classic Chanel suits to sparkly evening gowns we could see Kate Middleton choosing.

As Astrid’s oldest daughter, Princess Maria Laura has grown into a stylish young woman. Like all of the royal family’s children, she was kept sheltered from the public eye for much of her childhood, but recent snaps, often taken at family weddings and events, show that she’s got a penchant for bright, cheerful colors. We love how a traditional sparkling tiara was replaced by a bold headband that matches her dress here.

Meet the two youngest daughters: Princess Laetitia Maria and Luisa Maria (Astrid also has two sons, making for a total of five children). Luisa Maria is currently attending college in Montreal and typically picks trendy pieces that would look at place on any co-ed. Laetitia Maria might be a little too young to have fully developed her own style, but with two chic big sisters as examples, there’s little doubt she’ll wind up looking flawless too.

The newest member of the clan, Elisabetta Maria Rosboch von Wolkenstein (a.k.a. Lili) married Princess Astrid’s son last summer. The bride is a reporter and lives with her royal hubby in New York City. The couple doesn’t veer much from the family’s overall low-key vibe, but the few events where Lili has been snapped show her to be a fan of timeless, elegant pieces (as evidenced by her wedding dress choice).

And, of course, there’s Astrid’s sister-in-law, Belgium’s Queen Mathilde. She’s proved to be a classic fashion plate, stepping out to official engagements in outfits that could have been plucked from any decade. Case in point: the elegant off-white dress she chose for her husband’s inauguration (finished off with calfskin gloves, another ladylike princess favorite).


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