Eco-Friendly Jeans That Are Actually Cool: Patagonia’s Denim is Better for the Earth


Two things (we think, we hope) are important to shoppers in the 21st century:
· Jeans—because who doesn’t need a good pair of jeans in their wardrobe?
· Doing right by Earth—because we have to live on it


Patagonia “Boyfriend Crop” jeans, $99

Last week, Patagonia launched its new jeans collection—three styles (made from organic cotton and Fair Trade Certified for sewing) that are manufactured in a way that uses 84 percent less water, 30 percent less energy, and emitting 25 percent less CO2 than traditional denim dying processes.


Patagonia “Straight” jeans, $99

“Traditional denim is a filthy business,” Patagonia’s Business Unit Director Helena Barbour said in a statement. “We wanted to find an alternative solution to using the standard indigo dyeing methods we once employed to create denim. It took several years of research, innovation, trial and error, but the result is a new path for denim. We’re hopeful other manufacturers will follow suit and help us change the denim industry.”


Patagonia “Slim” jeans, $99

Bonus? The jeans come in three essential silhouettes—boyfriend crops, straight, and slim—which somehow manage to be both totally on-trend, but also timeless (we think it’s something about how rich the color is—no dated sandblasting or bleaching here).

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