4 Fashion Tips Women With a DD Cup and Over Need to Know

Women with large breasts have likely encountered a fashion situation, where a gorgeous something just doesn’t work with their curves. Just like different types of boobs require different bras, a large chest can require special clothes. It’s something the fashion industry knows, and brands are responding; New York City-based Reformation isn’t just sizing up but also crafting pieces especially for busty babes.


Payton two-piece, $198, thereformation.com

“People don’t always think about the simple function that clothes have to perform on someone with a larger bust,” Reformation founder and CEO Yael Aflalo told Glamour. “In reality, a lot of times the dress needs to be fully redesigned, bringing the neckline up or down to accommodate larger cup sizes, thicker straps, and so on.”

Shop thick fabrics.
Your bra isn’t the only part of your outfit offering support. While underpinnings are vital, the garment itself can offer more holding power if it’s made out of a thicker material. Look for fabrics with some heft, like denim, brocade, and heavier-weight linen-cotton blends.

Look for wide straps.
Speaking of your bra, unless you’re in an intricately constructed garment with an interior corset, you really need to wear one (skipping is easier for women with A and B cups). As Aflalo pointed out, many designers simply size up their flimsy sundresses and tanks, keeping the skinny straps of the original. Smart design means widening the straps too so that you’re able to keep a bra out of sight.

Consider interesting necklines.
Large-chested women aren’t doomed to boring straight cuts that hit at the middle of the chest. “Interesting necklines look good on every body type,” Aflalo said. “They elongate the torso and draw the eyes upward.” Whether sexy laces, V-necks, or a dipping sweetheart, there are plenty of unique necklines that also allow for a bra.

Tailor things.
“Half the time it’s about having a good tailor on-hand,” Aflalo admitted. The custom look of having your pieces, expensive or not, fitted to your body is always important, but the magic can be especially potent if you’re busty.


Reagan dress, $198, thereformation.com


Bodysuit, $78, thereformation.com


Kai dress, $258, thereformation.com


Arabella dress, $328, thereformation.com


Arabella dress, $328, thereformation.com


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