What the Way You Put On Your Bra Says About You

Think back to this morning when you were getting dressed—how did you hook your bra? According to the pros, there are four unique ways to put one on, and each reveals something about the wearer.

“There are four distinct personality types—drivers, influencers, supporters, and careful correctors—who tend to have very unique ways of doing things, even small tasks,” human behavior expert, Patti Wood told Redbook, suggesting that even something as seemingly mundane as putting on our underwear can betray who we really are.


Your bra clasp style: You fasten your bra from the back while it’s on
Your personality type: Supporter

You’re responsible, generous and like traditions and rules. Relationships are important to you, so you’re often the one who gathers your pals together for dinner or drinks and get called up frequently if friends need a pep talk.

Your bra clasp style: You hook your bra in the front of your body and then rotate it 180 degrees to the back.
Your personality type: Influencer

You’re a positive social butterfly who loves being around others. A serious chatty Cathy at times, you’re characteristically optimistic, persuasive, and frequently led by your emotions.

Your bra clasp style: You like bras with front closures.
Your personality type: Driver

This easy-to-see snap appeals to you because proficiency might as well be your middle name. You focus on an end goal, work as quickly as possible to get there, and don’t shy away from conflict.

Your bra clasp style: Your bra is never unhooked—you get it on by pulling over your head
Your personality type: Careful Corrector

There’s rarely a time when you’re not mulling something over. You’re a thinker and don’t speak without first considering your words. Also extremely organized, this personality type loves figuring out solutions to problems.

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