The world has suffered several political, social and behavioral changes and this is reflected in many areas of life of individuals around the globe.

We have heard talk much in the generation of “Millennials“, a word that ranks the today’s youth. In the near future the world will be largely composed of this type of individual.

These changes inevitably came to the fashion world, and renowned designers and experienced executives of this area announce that the division of clothing by genres are coming to an end.

The Genderless movement is increasingly evident on the catwalks around the world, and designers have created unisex collections where both sexes identify with the same piece, like the boyfriends pants and also the skinny pants for example.

According to Rob Gregory (social network Who Say) which connects celebrities to their fans, for The New York Times, this group does not identify 100% with traditional notions of gender.

Some important names are already moving in this direction and gave statements for the New York Times.

Humberto Leon of Kenzo and Open Ceremony: Five years ago we would not be ready for it. The difference is that today this trend has a name and won approval of the great mass.

Ken Downing of Neiman Marcus: What we are seeing today is a big change in the fashion world, a growing curve of acceptance of a style without borders or boundaries, a style that reflects the way young people dress.

Miuccia Prada: Increasingly we feel it is right to translate the same idea and trend for both genders.

Lucie Greene, diretor of JWT Intelligence: The perception that we had on sexual orientation is being redefined by Millennials. Within the group of young people from 12 to 19, who defines the generation Z, the lines between male and female are increasingly undefined.

Justin O’Shea, shopping diretor of The modern consumer wants to be part of a whole, of a movement.

Certainly this movement will change the way people dress!

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