The Best Colors to Wear on a Job Interview, First Date, and More

When it comes to what color to wear when (and where), there’s a lot of intel. Yellow is said to up your feelings of happiness, while blues are the best to pull on if you’re feeling stressed. And while there’s an emerging field of study behind all this, there’s also the good ole’ fashioned look at public perception. A British t-shirt company surveyed 1,000 customers to find out what they thought about people in particular colors and there are a few surprises.


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The Best Color to Wear on an Interview
Black was called “serious and reliable” and thought to be the most confident color (according to 48 percent of women and 64 percent of men). As such, pull out the noir when you’ve got a job interview or important meeting with the boss.


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The Best Color to Wear on a First Date
Consider making bold firetruck red your go-to date-night color: 56 percent of men said it was their top choice of color on a female so, until you get to know the dude, there’s a high probability he’ll dig your outfit.


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The Best Color to Wear When Saying “I’m Sorry”
To look approachable, demure, and definitely non-confrontational, consider rocking some white (like totally year-round appropriate white skinnies). The color fell at the very bottom of the arrogance charts, collecting only six percent of the votes.


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The Best Color to Wear to Impress People With Your Smarts
Pink was the shade ranked lowest on the intelligence scale, with a paltry five percent of respondents saying they’d consider a wearer to be intelligent. Take it as you will, but we’re thinking this means a soft blush or poppy punch might be just the shade if you want to impress people with your smarts—if they never saw it coming, too bad for them. (In terms of evoking brain power, colors were ranked in the following order: black, blue, white, green, purple, brown, red, yellow, orange, and pink).

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