Kylie Jenner’s $44 Shorts, $92 Dress…Proof She’s the Budget-Friendly Kardashian-Jenner

Kylie Jenner has been sharing shopping info for some of her recent fashion moments, and we’re thrilled to report it’s beginning to look like the little sister might be the most budget-friendly member of the entire family. Like all Kardashians, the 18-year-old has some seriously sexy curves, and while genetics are definitely at play, she’s also trusting an under-$50 fashion secret that she kindly shared with the world. She posted a Snapchat earlier this week revealing a pair of padded bike shorts and then took to Twitter to ID them, revealing it’s a $44 pair from Spanx Assets, available at Kohl’s (rather than Target as her snap indicated).

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Moreover, a super sexy, long-sleeve suede dress she sported in Los Angeles recently doesn’t come with a designer price tag. Instead, the Mistress Rocks style retails for a not-so-horrible $92 (it’s currently sold out, likely due to Kylie wearing it, but you can place preorders that promise to ship at the end of the month). The reality star has also been showing a lot of Insta-love to L.A. boutique Sorella, with pics in a long-sleeve white dress and ripped-up jeans bubbling up on social media. Neither of those exact styles are on the store’s site, but you can bet they retail under $100 like everything else currently up for sale.

Like most celebs, she adheres to the high-low philosophy, though in her case, it might be more of a car and clothing mix. If her new Rolls-Royce, worth a reported $320,000, is any indication, it could be a matter of wearing anything she pleases since the ride speaks for itself.

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