How Far Would You Go for Your Clothes? 5 Things Fashion Addicts Are Guilty Of

There’s loving clothes and shoes and then there’s loving them. You can tell someone’s in the latter camp (hello, fashion addicts!) when they’ve spent hours slavishly cleaning, coddling, and counting every piece of their prized wardrobe. Are you addicted to your wardrobe? How far would you go for your clothes? Here are some habits of women that’ll do pretty much anything for their clothes!


People who really, really love clothes and shoes…

Care for their accessories like first-born children.
It’s a lesson you probably learned regarding your toys when you were a little one: The better you take care of them, the longer they’ll last. The same is true for our bags and shoes (obviously) and spending time caring for them extends usability like no other. Those that nurse deep love for a leather bag or pair of shoes carve out time to regularly spray stain protectant on and methodically wipe on leather conditioner.

Spend hours doing laundry like women in the 1800s did.
Yes, hand washing can be laborious and tossing stuff in a washing machine is so appealingly easy. If a care label says hand-wash (or there isn’t a label, e.g., bras and tights), the true clothes-lover is spending the time prepping a sink, gently agitating the sudsy water, and then squeezing out excess water when the process is over. It can be an arm workout, sure, but love hurts.

Keep a current inventory on what they own and where it is at all times.
Here’s a fun cocktail party trick to try with a fellow clothes addict: Ask her the brand of everything she’s wearing, when she got it, and whether any story surrounds the item. This is a breed of fashion lover who can be terrible with names and family history, but can be relied on to know the make of everything she’s wearing and exactly where others are hanging in her closet. Fun fact: The same idea—that our clothing is a big part of life’s major stories—inspired Glamour‘s podcast, What I Wore When.

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Wear stuff that’s completely inappropriate for the social situation (or when home alone).
Owning something you l-o-v-e and not getting the opportunity to wear it regularly might be one of the style world’s biggest crimes. Why rob yourself of the experience when you’ve got 24 hours in a day to rock it? As addicts, fashion-lovers will find a way to get their fix, even if it means wearing a pair of seriously amazing shoes to grab takeout from the local greasy spoon or rocking a gobstopper cocktail ring to do some light cleaning around the house.

Have spent more than they should have at least once (or twice).
When the true fashion lover falls deeply in love with a purse or jacket or new pair of shoes, it can be hard for them to convince the brain that they’ll survive without it. As such, it’s almost a survival instinct that causes your credit card to come out (right?). It’s tricky to be diligent with a budget when you’re this deep into style, and you’ve probably bought a thing or two knowing that the responsible move was to set it down and back away slowly.

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