The Reason Julianne Moore Doesn’t Mind Talking Fashion on the Red Carpet

The #AskHerMore campaign, geared to inspire reporters to ask red carpet actors more insightful questions than the ubiquitous “What are you wearing?” has been in full force for a year and as we’re right think in the middle of 2016 awards season, the conversation has heated up once more.

Perennial best-dressed regular Julianne Moore might not need the style exposure as much as up-and-coming starlets eager to support brand-new relationships with fashion houses, but she’s clarified that she’s not against being asked.


Julianne Moore in Givenchy couture at last year’s Cannes Film Festival

“I draw the line at picking up my skirt and showing them my shoes, but I don’t mind talking about [what I’m wearing],” she told the British edition of Marie Claire. “For us, the Oscars are exciting, and they are important for our industry, but for people at home, they are watching for entertainment purposes. It is a show.”

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A close-up of Julianne’s custom Chanel Oscars gown shows how intricate the work was

Moore’s take is interesting, as the actress has long had a close relationship with fashion and designers (Tom Ford, for example is a longtime friend and collaborator in films such as A Single Man, for which she won an Oscar in 2009). We know our favorite women in Hollywood are about so much more than what designer dress they decided to wear, but like film, fashion is also an art. For example, consider the custom Chanel dress Julianne wore to accept her statuette at last year’s Academy Awards. It took 27 people 987 hours to make, with the flowers and sequins all worked on by hand. Highlight all that work for millions to see is an acknowledgement to the medium itself.

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