The Style Stars of Sundance: Meet Sama and Haya Khadra

When it came time to launching their first-ever pop-up shop at one of the most highly photographed events of the year, Canada Goose—the puffer coat of choice for pretty much every stylish celeb from Emma Stone to Liv Tyler—wanted to make a splash—a very chic splash.

So, for the shop’s opening in Park City, Utah, during the Sundance Film Festival, the outerwear brand flew in Sama and Haya Khadra—two of the most stylish girls today—to DJ the opening night party and made it one of the liveliest parties of the fête-filled festival.

Sama and Haya Khadra DJ’ing at the Canada Goose store, wearing printed jackets from the brand.

You might know the 22-year-old identical twins Sama and Haya Khadra from Instagram (@simihaze) where they have over 130,000 people following their travel, style and sisterly shenanigans. But the girls were first noticed at age 14, when they were spotted looking fabulous at the Paris couture shows and took the fashion world by storm. The Saudi Arabian-born sisters have incredible taste in clothes, from the poshest stores in London and Paris, to vintage jeans and sunglasses. And as you’ll see, the twins always dress alike (but not usually on purpose!). The Khadra sisters moved to Los Angeles several years ago and recently took up DJ’ing, after being inspired by their 24-year-old brother, who’s a musician.

We got a chance to catch up with the girls at Sundance to talk fashion, travel, and yes, music:

AMSFTV: You girls have amazing style! Where do you find inspiration?
Sama Khadra: My parents are really artistic people. My mom is an interior designer, and my dad is an art collector…but we always loved fashion. All of our summers [growing up] were spent in Ibiza and randomly there are amazing photographers who shoot on the beach and we have all of these amazing shoot images of us as kids, posing and hanging on trees. Our style then is very similar to by style now—it was combat boots, always combat boots. We never took them off!

AMSFTV: You guys are often photographed wearing coordinating outfits. Do you plan to dress alike?

Haya Khadra: Not at all, but it happens naturally. We have the same style, but like different things too. Whenever we walk out of the house and look too similar, we have to go and change.

S.K.: The worst thing is that we share all of the same clothes and we don’t even realize we’re wearing the same thing.

AMSFTV: Describe your styles.

H.K.:t’s a mixture of ’40s-meets-punk-meets-gothic with a little dress-up aspect. It has a lot of ’90s influence to it, like the London punk era and even the Spice Girls.

S.K.: We really take advantage of being young and seeing what we can get away with [in terms of style.] Right now, I’m really into ’70s and it’s all based on these round, really cool glasses that Chanel sent me.

AMSFTV: It’s cold in Park City! Do you have any tips for looking stylish when it’s absolutely freezing?

S.K.:I really like mesh and fishnet anything sheer. We love sheer [elements] so we love to mix that with our style. In the winter it adds that subtle sexiness in the winter.

AMSFTV: Tell us about your music. What do you like to play?

H.K.: We love any music, from Jamaican dance hall music, to U.K. hip-hop. The other night we played Always on Time [by JaRule and Ashanti, circa 2001] and everyone went crazy. I love Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, and also new artists, like Kehlani.

S.K.: Our sound is really about music people that people generally don’t sing along with.

AMSFTV: Will we be seeing more of you guys during Fashion Month coming up in February? Will you be DJ’ing any shows?

H.K.: I think so! Everything kind of happens last-minute; we’re waiting to see about New York and Paris [Fashion Weeks].”

Here are the girls in some of their best looks:

At Milan Fashion Week in September

At an event in L.A. in November

In London last May

At an art gallery opening in London last October

At the Chanel show in Paris in March 2015


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