Of course squats are a great way to build a beautiful tight butt and strong shapely legs,but there are more ways to sculpt those parts of our body into an unforgettable smashing visual ‘wow’!

What about ankle weights,did you ever come up with the idea to use them during your workouts?They come in different weight units,can be ordered online and won’t cost you your last savings.

As we discussed last week,most muscles are found in the legs and butt and as a result lots of calories are burned when training these muscle groups on a regular basis.My FUN2bFIT program contains a mix of high intensity cardio moves while using free weights.This way we keep our heartbeat high and at the

same time we really tone our muscles and burn more fat then in regular body shape classes.The last 20-25 minutes of the workout program is the real (fat)burner:we attach the ankle weights and do various exercises like knee-lifts and knee-lift variations whereby the legs are stretched out and pulled in,horizontally lifted up and down or a combination of those two.The starting position for these exercises is with both hands and knees on the floor.


After a couple of reps you will notice that your muscles begin protesting;don’t pay any attention to it and let them protest as much as they want,because you have a goal in mind remember?And nothing will distract you from your goal, which is the ultimately shaped ‘wow’ butt!


When you do ab exercises like knee-ins,bicycle moves or raising/lowering both stretched legs simultaneously with ankle weights,make sure that you keep your back well fixed by keeping it as flat as possible on the floor to prevent injuries.If you keep these safety instructions in mind,ankle weights are a great way to help shaping your lower body!


Let me know how you progress via or visit my website and check me out on Facebook!

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