PAUSE Pop-Up at Posthoornkerk from March 30th. to April 2nd.

Leticia Bordoni and Romina Pirani, both Argentinians living in Amsterdam. They met on a plain. An obligatory pause. Neither of them believes in coincidences and obviously, this wasn’t one.

As they kept living their lives in different countries, they started dreaming about how to show the greatest independent and conscious design in The Netherlands. Also, providing people with a different consumption experience, where they can P A U S E the way they want and rethink about their choices, became more and more important. For both of them, being surrounded by art and fashion in a space where everyone can get inspired to rethink their choices and have the voice to share their experience and stories is fundamental.

P A U S E  is a project of conscious pop-ups based on adaptability, dynamism, inclusion, and collaboration. To celebrate sustainable fashion design, thry curate a special selection of brands/designers, art exhibitions, and performances to be all together. The next edition will take place at Posthoornkerk, the monumental and historic church in the centre of Amsterdam, for 4 days from March 30 to April 2.


Pause is a dynamic experience. We are like a “circus” that moves from place to place, adapting to different spaces and atmospheres.

to P A U S E to rethink your choices.

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