The spirit behind Gucci Ghost

A couple of years ago, Trevor Andrew was an ex-Olympic snowboarder working in Brooklyn who had a particular obsession with the Italian luxury brand Gucci. It was with the money he won snowboarding that he bought his first Gucci watch at the age of 17.


Trevor needed a last-minute costume for Halloween, so he cut a pair of holes in his Gucci bedsheets and felt satisfied. Wherever he walked people shouted: “Hey! Gucci ghost!” And so the story unfolded.



Determined, he began painting his own twist of the Gucci double G logo on every surface he could find around his neighborhood and shared the images on his Instagram. A couple of weeks with nearly 26.000 followers later, he found himself in the most absurd situation: at the entrance of the Gucci headquarters in Milan for enlisting him as a collaborater for its FW16 collection.


During the collaboration he began drawing his Gucci tags on bags, wallets, t-shirts, basically on everything. Allesandro Michele, creative director at Gucci was convinced of his creativity and let him fully express himself in the designs.



Gucci radiates another kind of beauty in the streets and people love it. Gucci has the potential to become the brand of choice, not only for the spirits wanting to look sharp, but also for the free one’s.

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