Established in London in 2000, a tea supplier which absolutely committed to both high quality product and service. Newby teas offer a unique Variety of exquisite collections; each collection has its own individuality as the zodiac collection attracts many personalities each zodiac represent a tea flavour, like cancer zodiac is a “Fujian Oolong “a well-balanced sweet Oolong tea fruity and nutty.


Newby Zodiac Tea


Newby teas meets everyone taste in teas, they will find a different kind of flavours, from a traditional tea “black tea, Jasmin tea, red tea “to re-creating traditional flavour like “Masala tea.” Perfect for an afternoon tea where the choices are impeccable, the heart of this luxury tea is from London therefore emphasis an elegant touch to each flavour. Every collection got its own human personality, England has done a great to spread the tea love over the world, people now understand themselves due to tea extravaganza and NEWBY Tea embodied this concept to the world.



The packaging of Newby highlights a luxurious yet rich feel as it is black and gold, perfect for any gifts. The tea company also specialises in gift sets such as different types of presentation boxes. They vary from a choice of 4 varieties to a choice of 12 sections which display Silken Pyramids.



Who does not love accessories with their sets? Newby also provides tea-ware which is suitable to be kept in the kitchen, table or in-room. It presents elegance and care as the company takes pride in making tea a luxury. Newby can be found in the very best hotels, restaurants, heritage venues and stores, as well as online.

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