IRVINX’s Road Couture Show

The designer, IRVINX, has showcased a “road couture” fashion show in the Dutch Design Hotel Artemis in Amsterdam. It was the finale of a fashion video project which has been running for a year. It featured 7 muses, whom are considered power women.

The ladies included Lavalu (singer /songwriter), Johanneke Terstege (singer/songwriter),  Dashni Morad (music artist/activist),  Najoua Bijjir (writer), Saskia Olivieira (curvey fashion blogger), Hedwig Schipperheijn (drone pilot), and Jennifer Delano (PR guru).


Jennifer Delano


Irving and, videographer, Menno van der Meulen developed a series of videoclips with all of the muses; the women even took part in the design process of their tailor made pieces. The show begun with ready to wear, clean asymmetrical cocktaildresses with diagonal lines, and lead into jumpsuits with jackets made of ski. The models appeared in couture pieces too; black and white graphical dresses refering to the art movement “De Stijl” which is elegant and minimalistic.



Hedwig Schipperheijn



IRVINX is a label from creator, Irving Vorster, who launch his brand in 2004 with his own fashion show. In 2008, he made his international debut in London, by 2009 he had a floating catwalk, and in 2010 Irving opened  his ‘couture salon’ in the fashion district in Arnhem, The Netherlands.






Irving creates clothes for women who are interested in a unique & timeless pieces that are wearable. IRVINX is representative of a woman who can distinguish herself without losing her feminine elegance. In his collections you will find tailored, asymmetrical clothing; unexpected details and space for the wearer to bring in her own creativity.

The collections are made from natural, sustainable, and luxurious fabrics. Irving uses these fabrics in contract with each other and creates rhythmical shapes – this is experimental but always ends up wearable; true to IRVINX style.






Dashni Morad

Catwalk Photographer:  Sydney Korsse

Jewellery Designer: Vincent Burger

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