With over 15k followers on Instagram, Anna Ustian is no stranger to the social media scene. Although what she has shared on this platform has transformed over time. Anna has been a model for several years now and has showcased this online; starring in music videos and modelling are some of her talents. In fact, YSL beauty’s instagram, which has over 2 million followers, has posted Anna in celebration of TOUCHE ÉCLAT’s 25th birthday with Glamour NL.


Anna for Glamour NL, Photographer: JASPER RENS VAN ES


Her beauty has gained her popularity but now her art has taken more of the spotlight. Almost 2 years ago, Anna moved to Rotterdam for a fresh start, “I was very excited to be creative and develop and showcase my talents!” She says, “last year I bought a canvas and decided I am going to paint.”




Anna’s inspiration for painting comes from her great love for cyborg, futuristic movies and techno music. “I am also obsessed with the impossible and dream of having a robot with consciousness.” Anna’s dream, and interest in these areas are communicated in her artworks; her artistry is unique and imaginative. What is even more impressive about Anna is that her realistic drawing is just as strong as her dreamy paintings.




Anna says she noticed that her followers on instagram have enjoyed the change of scenery, to the point where she is now actively selling them online. To see more of her artistry and aesthetics, check out @ann.ustian on Instagram.


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