BVLGARI and the new Serpenti Collection

Lily Aldridge for Bulgari

Bulgari’s serpent theme has evolved over time; beginning in the 1940s and still a prominent part of the designer brand today. The appearance of the snake in Bulgari’s jewellery has actually evolved into a creative symbol for the brand. The very first Bulgari’s Serpenti piece of jewellery was a snake watch that coiled the wrist whilst keeping time in it’s jaws. Since then, Bulgari has created reinterpretations of the Serpenti symbol into different pieces of jewellery.


Bulgari watch from the new Serpenti collection


The Serpenti reveres the brilliance of viperous markings, alternating materials, and preciousness in each treasurable triangle, with colours most strikingly paired.



Bulgari Serpenti Viper Rings


The legendary status of the serpent hasn’t diminished, with Bulgari paying homage to this animal with the new Serpenti Viper ring collection. The newest Serpenti collection introduces the new Serpenti Viper ring; the tale of the Viper ring is said to be a hide and seek game of seduction in Rome. The Serpenti Viper collection celebrates the powerful snake whilst capturing sensuality and colour. The rings are beautifully sculpted to resemble the triangular shape of a viper’s head; multiplied as a geometric pattern, and embellished with undeniably elegant stones.

Bulgari’s Serpenti collection doesn’t end with rings – exquisite accessories such as bags, sunglasses and necklaces are also apart of this seductive serpent theme that Bulgari does, oh so well. To indulge further, take a look at the brochure for the new Serpenti collection here.


Bulgari Sunglasses from the Serpenti collection

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