5 top Fashion Films of the season

This season, as every other season for the past few years, Fashion Films are very important for brands. Static adverts such as posters in the streets or on the bus are non relevant anymore as people see thousands a day and are probably thinking of their personal life which means they’ll probably won’t even remember seeing it once they stop looking at it. However, today’s typical consumers all own a smartphone and spend a good amount of time on it a day. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat are all social media platforms that brands need to start focusing on sharing their Fashion Films are they will have more impact and will probably be more remembered. One great thing of today’s technology is the sharing. A Fashion Film can be shared on their personal page or can be shown to multiple friendship groups and therefore will be talked about and that is all what brands want. The key is to find the best idea for a film, the best music collaboration and the best model that both represent your brand is the best way and attract your target consumer. Here is a selection of 5 Fashion films that have best mastered all of those aspects.


  1. Gucci for the Pre Fall 17 collection: Shot by Glen Luchford the film looks as if it was taken in the 1960s. It is an all black cast that seems to be going to a high school dance or prom. They are all wearing glamourus clothes which all have a lot of sequins and colour. The music makes you smile and you can see all of them dancing together which sends out good vibes.



2. Nike: Starring the transgender dancer who’s specialty is “Voguing”, the Film aims for equality. In the video we can see dancers working hard, reaching for perfection and at the end of the film you see that they are actually men. It is a very powerful video and the voice over makes in evne more intense.



3. Adidas: This film is edgy and a bit “angry”. It shows real life people as well as snoops dog and stormzy. Hard to describe but strong.



4. Kenzo: Faithful to last season, the brand is once again in the top five. The 12 minute long film shows a man desperalty looking for a person that never comes. The message behind it is to never give up and that music is the answer to it all.


5. I-D x Marc Jacobs: The magazine decided to do a collaboration with Marc Jacobs for another A-Z of Music. Is shows all the different types of music and poeple and how we label them.



As we can see in these Fashion Films, you need a great message and idea for it to be successful.

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