NABA annual graduation show 2017

NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano, an educational Academy focusing on art and design, is the largest private Academy in Italy and the first recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR)(1980). NABA offers academic diplomas equivalent to first and second level university degrees in design, fashion design, multimedia arts, scenography, visual arts graphics and communication. NABA was selected by Frame, included in the Masterclass Frame Guide to the 30 World's Leading Graduate Design, Architecture and Fashion Schools, as well as by Domus Magazine as one of Europe's Top 100 schools of Architecture and Design. (PRNewsFoto/NABA Milano)

Do you have a passion for Art or Fashion? Have you ever been interested in studying abroad? If the answer is yes, you may have heard of the Millan based Arts school called Naba, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti. Founded in 1980, it is the largest private art and design academy of Italy. Bachelors and Masters degrees are available in both Italian and English as 3000 students from more than 70 different countries attend this school.


On the 5th of July, about 200 BA fashion design students presented their work at the Naba annual fashion show in Milan. Colomba Leddi, the course leader of the BA Fashion design course, asked his students to follow the theme “Migration” and to divide their work into 6 thematic groups. The main reason for the migration theme was to represent the 70 different countries the students came from, to be able to attend Bana. Although they all speak a different language they are still able to connect with people through the language of fashion. A special aspect of this academy is that the students are confronted with live briefs from the very beginning of their studies. They get to meet with real professionals who help them on their ongoing projects.


For the annual fashion show, not only did the students have to design their own collection, but they also had to work in groups and organize the entire show from the catwalk to the realization of the show’s magazine. A jury composed of all the big names in fashion magazines examined the 3rd year’s students final work, which was composed of three outfits, and selected only 21 students who would be able to present their collection that evening.  The chosen finalists were: Agnese Beccati, Annalisa Accica, Bianca Teglia, Elisabetta Bizzotto, Erica Caputo, Giuditta Tanzi, Giulia Masciangelo, Giuseppe Sottile, Helena Pardo Marin, Ilaria Saini, Manuela Riboldi, Marisabel Damato, Mateusz Jakubczak, Stevina Christhy, Susanna Recchia, Valentina Mariani, Valeria Accurso, Vesela Zheleva, Yanan Ni, Yixuan Wang and Yunyao Ji.


Ma students also presented the collection of the new Naba uniforms 2017 which they created with their course leader, Cinzia Ruggeri.


To add to Naba’s diversity, the music for the show was produced by the students of the Certificat Program Naba Sound. This course includes music production, sound branding and even cinema, television and radio.


The show was overall an incredible opportunity to the winning students.


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