Gianni Versace is Alive !!!

Gianni Versace is alive. At 20 years since the disappearance – the tailor, as he himself liked to define himself – the man from South Italy who spoke about the Italian magic fashion in the world, does not stop leaving signs. After the Opening of last July 13th. and from July 14th. to September 20th. 2017, the National Archaeological Museum of Naples will host ” Dialoghi / Dissing – Gianni Versace Magna Grecia Tribute “, the tribute exhibition of artists including Bruno Gianesi Ilian Rachov, Marco Abbaches, Edoardo Tranchese, with the Private Collection of Tony Caravano present at the MANN, curated by Sabina Albano.

The exhibition,  event, meetings and performances, are born in Naples. These are a tribute to Antonio Caravano’s vision of fashion and art. Through its private collection of clothes and items collected through the years.


Key to the success of this event is been also the photography Master Edoardo Tranchese’s that with his photographic prints, straightened the link with the “Magna Grecia”.




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