Frei SS18 collection

In reality, it is as if FREI had always existed, and was waiting to be found. Thanks to a series of fortunate coincidences, the designer crossed paths with people, who helped FREI become a real fashion brand. These people together have created an engine for which the gears match perfectly!



Giovanni, is currently the sales manager of the TRANOÏ Paris, one of the most important international fashion trade shows. Afra, has always been passionate about the fashion world but never had the possibility to take part in it. Chiara is highly experienced in the administrative and business field. Federico is already well-known thanks to his collaboration with Fausto Puglisi for Haute Couture and for the creation of theatrical costumes for the SCALA in Milan and the OPERA in Paris.



FREI, from German “free”, is more than a brand, it is a philosophy inspired by the quote made famous by the sociologist JEAN JACQUES ROUSSEAU: “FREEDOM IS THE POWER TO CHOOSE YOUR OWN CHAINS”. In a world close to dystopia, in which the same concept of freedom has been put into discussion, FREI CLOTHING takes place.


The first collection is called #TOGETHERWELLBEFREI and it comes from the philosophy of the brand. It is inspired by what represents the deprivation of freedom: Prison. More particularly the collection has many references from American prisons and the Netflix series “Orange is the new black”. The orange, blue, white and black combined with the technical fabrics such as denim, cotton and organdy will create several men and women total-workwear-looks. A new concept of adaptable urban leisurewear easily wearable to every occasion and for any age! This will definitively be a must-have next summer fo watch out for any news about the brand and don’t forget to go check out the brands instagram page which has the entire collection and much more:



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