Sarenza x Aigle

Aigle, the expert in the area of sexy and must have rubber boots, and Sarenza have partnered to make the coming fall a bit more fun. Is it a rainy day or is there a big storm? Bring it on!






Since its origins in 1853, Aigle continues tho thrive. The basic design never changes, however, the colors and performances do. With the navy as a source of inspiration, these rubber boots always have a chic nautical look that makes them timeless. The shoe lovers working at Sarenza could not wait to get started and use the famous cult boat as a starting point for a whole new concept. Sarenza and Aigle proudly present the first ‘Boot pullover’, executed in chevron with a pop art print characteristic of the AW17 Made by Sarenza collection. Just let the rain break out, because with this new fashion item you’re proud to fall in style.

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