Miss Vogue’s Debut Stars the Ubiquitous Cara Delevingne


British Vogue tried so hard to act mysterious about the inaugural cover of their new teen spinoff, Miss Vogue, but “all star” Cara Delevingne was such an obvious choice that it’s no surprise. (Come to think of it, we should’ve seen that pink sequined crop top coming, too.) In Alexandra Shulman’s editor’s letter, which includes a picture of herself at age 15, she describes the 20-year-old model as “Miss Vogue made physical” thanks to her “maverick sense of style and fun.” Maverick! Just the adjective we needed when trying describeCara’s purple dinosaur onesie last week.

Created by British Vogue‘s existing staff, the issue comes packaged with the normal June magazine, which is covered by Kate Moss and some distracting white nail polish. (That cat-eye liner is masterful, on the other hand.) As no one’s announced whether Miss Vogue is a one-off or if it will be published regularly, its future will probably be determined by how well this inaugural edition is received.

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