Wanderlust Amsterdam and Roxeanne Hazes launch joint collection


Wanderlust Amsterdam, together with Roxeanne Hazes, launches a signature collection called FAUX. The singer had always been on top of the list of the Amsterdam fashion label to work with. The collective collection consists of five items and is available online from October and in selected stores.

A year ago, Amsterdam’s fashion label Wanderlust approached Roxeanne Hazes (24)  whether she wanted a collaboration. Owner and founder Tahnee de Bruin had the singer already in her visor, and once they where together they found out that they had a lot of things in common. This resulted in a collection consisting of five items; a faux fur bomberjacket, a hooded sweat dress, two t’shirts and a t’shirt dress.



Comfortable Streetwear
“We consciously chose only 5 items in the collection, so we could focus on detail, fit and finish,” said Tahnee de Bruin. Wanderlust Amsterdam consists of high quality and works with compact capsule collections. In addition, this collection has also been established. “Together with Roxeanne, we have taken her style as a starting point. Each item is pronounced and special so it gets the love and attention it deserves. The result? Comfortable streetwear like Roxeanne who deserves the most. ”



5 items: from Rox ‘sweat dress to injectable shirt
Injectables t-shirt: A blow to the commotion that emerged when Roxeanne was honestly anticipated to provide her lips with a filler. Nice detail: The shirt is shaped like a fictional band ‘Love and the Injectables’.
Dre t-shirt dress: Credits of this hilarious nickname ‘Daughter Dre’ go to Ron Simpson. The print is inspired by the film ‘Straight outta compton’. We have changed this to Roxeanne’s hometown of Vinkeveen.
Babygirls t-shirt: A tattoo of Roxeanne was the starting point for this shirt.
Rox ‘sweat dress: This oversized hoody dress has a cool veteran detail and is hard to combine with high boots or leather pants. #TEAMFAUX stores the theme of the collection.
Faux bomber: This reversible bomber jacket with oversized hood in super soft teddy wears you two-sided. The inside is made of high-quality satin for a chic look. The outside is perfect for everyday use.





Roxeanne Hazes: “Wanderlust is a fun and playful clothing brand. It clicked right and we found the same ideas about the tone and choice of the garments. Five items that could rock any young woman. No fools but clothes that make you feel comfortable and always good. I’m proud of the result and can not wait to see it later in the store. ”
With the FAUX collection, Roxeanne blinks with hatred and the safe choices in life. It’s a funny collection with 90’s influences and a lot of attention to detail. From the choice of materials, the prints to the fit and colors: this is Roxeanne Hazes.
On September 1, Roxeanne Hazes released her debut album ‘In My Blood’. This extremely personal debut was received lovingly and celebrated in a full Melkweg last Thursday. This season, Roxeanne Hazes is the new home band of The World Turn By  translated in dutch De Wereld draait door.


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