Kerber: Swedish fashion in the most luxurious and sustainable way….

You may have noticed: one of Sweden’s most successful luxury brands, Kerber, is making waves in Benelux. 

Kerber stands for powerwoman gearsustainability, quality, unique designs and prints. 

Here is what makes the brand so unique, in the words of designer Marielle Kerber herself:

Vision & Values

”Our work will always be guided by five core values:

• Care for people and local communities
We hold a genuine care and respect for all people with whom we work,

from the tailors in Vietnam to our personnel and partners in Sweden

• Culture and craftsmanship
We have a deep appreciation for the traditional culture of Vietnam and

the skills and craftsmanship of our local Vietnamese tailors and other staff

• High quality fabrics and tailoring
We choose quality fabrics that are flattering to wear and easy to handle.
All of our garments are manufactured according to Kerber’s renowned

tailoring standards.• Timeless and elegant design
We produce clothes with elegant lines and a timeless style, based on
continuity and a tailored approach to construction with a special

consideration to detail

• Commitment to a sustainable environment
We have a long-term commitment to continuously improve our
environmental performance, for example by choosing our fabrics
carefully, working to minimise any spill and waste in our

lifespan production and promoting a longer garment.”

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