Riccardo Tisci Designed Skirted Birthday Suits for the Ballet


The designer who got Kanye into a leather a-line look last year just revealed his first-ever stage costumes for the Opéra Garnier, and surprise surprise, there are man-skirts. Male and female dancers will be wearing chic versions of your third-grade skeleton costume, topped off with ethereal skirts.

Tisci told the Telegraph that, because of the intensity of the show — a rendition of Bolero — he “wanted the dancers to feel naked somehow.” Speaking of! Last month, Beyoncé pranced in her sparkly trompe l’oeil boobs all over the stage and, while The Blonds later confirmed designing the look, we’d like to assume that Bey-pal Tisci was inspired by her glitter nips. The designer is also co-chairing the upcoming Met Ball, so let’s all guess which celeb he’ll dress in a nude-suit for that, shall we?

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