How Much Does a Met Gala Dress Actually Cost?


This year’s Met Gala was sponsored by Moda Operandi, Lauren Santo Domingo’s luxury trunk sale site, which is now, somewhat incredibly, selling a collection of “punk” looks fancy people wore onlast night’s red carpet. That’s exciting not because we’re looking to buy any of them, but because it gives us a glimpse into how much some of these looks would actually cost at retail. Of those that aren’t custom or haute couture, most are for next season’s selling racks, which means we’re getting an early glimpse. One can also assume the most special stuff — vintage Valentino* on Gwyneth Paltrow, say, orSJP’s custom-painted Giles Deacon — would have many more zeroes on their tags. If they were for sale at all.

Of course, most celebrities aren’t paying for their loaned gowns (or their alterations, or their hair and makeup, or even for the tickets to the gala, which can cost more than $10,000 per individual and $150,000 for a corporate-sponsored table) but that doesn’t make this shopping list any less fun. Click ahead to see which woman was covered in $35,000 of metal tailoring, plus a few other key learnings: Models choose truly expensive things, except for Hilary Rhoda, who hosted the live stream for Vogue in a comparatively affordable outfit.Emma Watson is more “frugal” (and less covered up) than Taylor Swift. And, oh, thank God these women don’t actually have to shell out themselves; Kate Mara would be blowing all her House of Cardsmoney.

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