John Fluevog Loves Amsterdam – Kunstproject op de Heiligeweg 37

John Fluevog

A first european location for Fluevog, the original shoe brand opened its 25th boutique at Heiligeweg 37 in Amsterdam today. Fluevog has been successful since 1970 and has distributed 24 boutiques across North America at strategic points. For the European brand launch, a Limited Edition Fluevog Amsterdam was launched that was unveiled today on the Heiligeweg!


Limited Edition Fluevog Amsterdam

Today it was announced, the Limited Edition Amsterdam Fluevog Shoe ! With only 20 copies for ladies and 15 for men it is really unique shoes, especially if reproduction is excluded. The Sea Angel for men has a picture of a sloop on the sole, you guessed it, from the Sea Angel. John Fluevog, with a view to the transition to Europe and specifically Amsterdam, is designing a sloop that we hope to see in Amsterdam soon.

The Prepare Scout has been designed for ladies. It may be that this shoe reminds you a bit of a clump, but of course the more fashionable version. Fluevog previously had iconic and well-run shoes in shape in the collection, but also the Prepare Scout is exclusively available in the Amsterdam Fluevog boutique.


Each store is treated as an art project and has its own personality – just like the customer – no shop is the same. On Heiligeweg we tried to match the vibe of the city with the store. There is no specific plan for the stores and that is one of the things that is so nice about the spaces. Fluevog has some things that they take from one store to another, such as the Story Wall, which reflects John’s history and the connection with the city. The layout of the Amsterdam store is unique in terms of design, color and the moving platform in the shop window. Curious? Today, March 29, 2018 is the first day that the store opens and Fluevog is available on the European continent!



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