BJÖRN BORG presents collaboration with well-known Japanese artist – Shinpei Naito

Amsterdam, 4 May 2018 – Collab time! The Swedish sport fashion brand Björn Borg is on a roll. Their latest achievement is a collaboration with the popular Japanese artist Shinpei Naito. Together they have designed a series of new items with striking motifs and colorful floral prints. Shinpei Naito is not only in the Japanese but also in the international alto world. His futuristic designs are particularly recognizable by their daring floral prints and striking colors. The Björn Borg x NAITO collection appears in a women’s and men’s line and consists of sportswear, underwear and swimwear.

Futuristic artist was inspired by Versace

Shinpei Naito is known in the international art scene as an edgy artist. His futuristic designs are particularly recognizable by their daring floral prints and striking colors. The name Shinpei means “new peace” in Japanese. The artist therefore works from an artistic vision in which he focuses on creating a happy and balanced world. Besides that Shinpei Naito has already collaborated with several other fashion brands, he hopes to generate a positive vibe in people through his prints.

Shinpei Naito

” There is so much cruelty in our world today. This is why I try to portray a happy world within my prints. With many different colors ”, says S.Naito.

Jungle patterns
The daring motifs and striking colors that Naito is known for, he also shows his collaboration with Björn Borg. One of the designs from the collection he gave the name ‘jungle pattern’, a reflection of his ballsy style. Overall the colors are very exotic, by combining blue and pink color patterns with a mix of butterflies and plants, the collabo exudes a ‘summer jungle mood’.

Versace as inspiration

” I was a big fan of Versace in the late nineties and addicted to his magical colors. When you see my designs for Björn Borg, you probably also see my similar love for colors and floral prints, “says S.Naito.

Shinpei Naito currently lives and works in Berlin, but was born in Tokyo (Japan). When he was only fifteen years old he studied at a prestigious art school in Japan, where he discovered his passion for art.

The Björn Borg x NAITO collection consists of different styles for both men and women. Including sportswear as well as underwear and swimwear. The collection is available in the Netherlands from Intersport DAKA, Intersport TWIN and Borg retail stores.

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