Is Beyoncé Pregnant or Just Awkwardly Belted?


Team Beyoncé has notoriously forbidden photographers from taking her picture during all but one of her Mrs. Carter tour performances. At first people just thought she was trying to avoid unsightly photosof herself stomping, snorting, and panting during songs. But now people think it’s because she’s maybe pregnant again, and her growing belly would be evident in high-res images of her tight outfits. She did deign to take over — er, pose on the Met Gala red carpet last week, however, wearing what the Post described as “a Givenchy gown with a high, belted waist that carefully camouflaged her midsection.” So, is Beyoncé this year’s version of Gisele, secretly pregnant at the Met Ball? It’s safe to say she didn’t tell her old pal Gwyneth, who probably would have let the cat out of the bag the other night if she’d known.

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