Zoom Shot: Sir Richard Branson’s ‘Stewardess’ Drag


Yesterday, the British billionaire behind the Virgin Atlantic empire was caught at the Perth airport in serious “stewardess” drag — and it wasn’t even for his own airline. According to CNN International, Sir Branson lost a bet to AirAsia’s group chief Tony Fernandes over whose Formula One racing team would beat the other at the Abu Dhabi race during their debut 2010 season. As a happy loser, he smeared his lips with a bright red lipstick, pulled on some fishnet tights, and headed onboard to a flight en route to Kualu Lumpur only to then merrily spill a tray full of drinks all over Fernandes. Unfortunately, he didn’t even get to wear his airline’s forthcoming Vivienne Westwood duds.

PERTH, AUSTRALIA - MAY 12:  Sir Richard Branson blows a kiss before boarding his flight to Kuala Lumpur at Perth International Airport on May 12, 2013 in Perth, Australia. Sir Richard Branson lost a friendly bet to AirAsia Group Chief Executive Officer Tony Fernandez after wagering on which of their Formula One racing teams would finish ahead of each other in their debut season of the 2010 Formula One Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi and that the loser would serve as a female flight attendant on board the winner's airline.  (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

The new Madame Branson wore her blond tresses in a pompadour-pouf à la Snooki, with metallic blue shadow and a darker cobalt liner to accent her waterline (and match the color of her eyes). She even grew a beauty mark overnight on her left cheek. Her false eyelashes flopped dangerously in the wind. And she even tried to give the winning Fernandes sloppy smooches multiple times that night.

British billionaire Richard Branson (C) smiles next to AirAsia group chief Tony Fernandes (centre L) at Perth Airport on May 12, 2013 before boarding an AirAsia flight to work as a flight attendant bound for Kualu Lumpur. Branson honoured a losing bet with Fernandes over whose Formula One racing team would finish ahead of each other at the Abu Dhabi race during their debut 2010 season.

In terms of legwear, she hitched on a pair of fishnet tights. But one glaring fail on Stewardess Branson’s part: She didn’t go for heels,unlike our own Jerry Saltz.

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