For those of you looking to splurge on a vacation home, look no further. Have I found a place for you! Let’s just say, it is located in paradise, a.k.a. the French Riviera. Luxury does have its price so for the 21 million Euros, which is nearly $28 million USD today, you shall receive a home fit for a princess, literally. “The owner is one of the most famous and beautiful princesses,” states Irina Alekseeva of Sadaka Exclusive Realty agent representing the majestic villa off the glorious Côte d’Azur.

First thing first, I wanted to cut to the chase to know why the princess, who shall remain nameless for the sake of privacy, would sell such a beautiful property minutes away from world-renowned Monte Carlo. In the back of my mind I envision a stunning young lady, resembling Eva Green dressed in an evening gown in Casino Royale, sipping champagne off the terrace during sunset, overlooking the sparkling sea and twinkling city lights. “She is very involved with charity work,” explains Alekseeva, “she wants to invest her money in one of her charity projects.”


If you are not writing out that check yet to purchase the home after learning of such a generous deed sure to accept the princess into the sanctity of sainthood, then allow me illustrate for you more. This palatial estate includes the basics you would expect, such as original marble fireplaces, numerous large and spacious rooms, a pool with a guest house, and a private beach, just to name a few. From any one of the picturesque terraces or patios, the views are breathtaking!


“It would be paradise,” Alekseeva declares in her charming French accent when asked what it would be like to live in this elegant manor. “You wake up in the morning in your room to views of a blue, peaceful sea,” Alekseeva continues illustrating for me what you can expect for a typical day in this prestigious locale. “You enjoy breakfast on the beach, later plans with friends for a barbeque. For the evening, you put on a beautiful dress and invite your business partners to champagne. Later, accompanied by your driver, you are off to the famous Monte Carlo Casino where you enjoy the most famous opera in the world. Near midnight, a beautiful table in the best restaurant is waiting for you.”

I suddenly think of Eva Green once again, only this time I am she and my driver is the 007 agent himself dressed in a tux as we race down the winding seaside drive! “You have a great image of Monaco, and you are right,” Alekseeva laughs! “It is the most famous place in the world for the exceptional people and for a unique life style.”

Located in the one of the most exclusive communities in the French Riviera, Domaine Prive du Cap-Martin, this historic villa was built in the late 19th century by prominent architect Hans-Georg Tersling. Well known for much of his work on the French Riviera of that time, Tersling was commissioned by European aristocrats and elitists for his designs from mansions to hotels you find scattered across the highly desirable coastline.


The accomplished architect knew that the cultured and wealthy holiday homeowners on the French Rivera demanded quality, as evident in the exposed stone structure and the room layouts that captures the natural light gleaming from windows throughout this chateau, a must on the Mediterranean Sea.

Alekseeva is well experienced in representing these luxury properties for her high-profile clients from Paris, to Monaco and even to other cosmopolitan cities like Geneva, London and our very own Miami. Again without mentioning names, most of her clients are on the Forbes list. Due to the high priced residential properties, the savvy and sophisticated Alekseeva chooses to represent only the distinguished to be able to give them her full attention in the process. Alekseeva has built relationships within each location for an irreproachable experience for the sale and purchase of her client’s properties. Currently, Alekseeva’s listings range from a 1 million Euro pied-à-terre in Paris to a 100 million Euros mansion near Monaco she calls “a piece of art.” Gasp!

These pictures can try, but do not do the lavish villa the justice it deserves. Often purchased as a secondary home, Alekseeva explains of the properties on the French Riviera, “it is not only the villa you buy; you buy your social position and a security which is the best in the world.” The down or volatile global economy does not affect her listings much at all. “Monaco is the most secure place in the world for you and your finances, and for the life of your family,” Alekseeva confidently states. “The highest level of education for your children, great climate, entertainment all year round from the Grand Prix to the best restaurants, art galleries and events,” boasts Alekseeva.

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