Fashion your Summer with a Short Course, online or on campus

These are unprecedented times that have dramatically changed our daily lives. While the uncertainty can be unsettling, it’s important to keep our dreams alive and make sure we do our best to turn them into reality. Our intensive 1 to 4 week-long summer course can be a good opportunity for you to dive into the fashion world and explore your skills and passion.

This year there is, even more, choice than ever when it comes to taking a summer course at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy. In recent years our one-week courses have proved a big hit, not only among younger students but also mature ones too, both internationally and locally.

Students from all over the world have come to Amsterdam and spent a week broadening their fashion knowledge. Amsterdammers, who were keen to learn how to draw a pattern, took a week-off work to do so. Youth and experience, side by side, creating its own exceptional synergy.

There are a variety of summer courses to choose from, such as Fashion Design, Digital Technical Design, Pattern Cutting and Garment Construction. There is also attention for the business side of fashion in the summer coursea Fashion Styling and Fashion Forecasting, Marketing and Buying.

Big step forward this year will be the possibility to choose if attending the courses on campus in Amsterdam or online from you home.

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