The Latest in Eco-Fabrics: Having Your Coffee and Wearing it Too

What happens to coffee grounds after they have been used? Most of it ends up in landfills, but recently environmentally sustainable textile production has expanded into using coffee grounds to create a fabric that is provides UV protection, fast drying, and can be washed in clean water without the use of detergent.
The process of making these fabrics is environmentally sound and energy efficient, as it does not require high temperature carbonization for manufacturing and also does not contain harmful materials commonly present in other fabrics like polyester, cotton, and nylon. (Singtex Produces Fabric from Waste Coffee Grounds)

Singtex Inc. is a company in Taiwan that produces these coffee grounds fabrics for sportswear. The company is one the most prominent textile manufacturing companies in Taiwan and its customers include major brands such as Hugo Boss, Patagonia, Nike, and North Face. Singtex is also a partner of Bluesign®, an international organization with the objective of putting a reliable and proactive tool at the disposal of the entire textile production chain. The Bluesign® standard was created to be applied to the entire production chain and delivers certainty at all levels, from raw material to final product, from chemical supplier to consumer. The main focus is supporting production processes that are designed around maximum resource productivity with a view to environmental protection as well as health and safety. (
DNA Designs
Eunice Tsai of DNA Design Labs has taken this innovative idea and used it to create her own line of coffee grounds dresses with the exclusive use of coffee beans in the fabrics.
Fairly new to the fashion industry, Eunice Tsai launched her line of coffee grounds dresses in 2011. She worked as an interior designer for 5-star hotels for 15 years, and the unlimited budgets for luxury projects made her think more about the impact on the environment.
When she decided that she wanted to use eco-friendly materials for her brand she contacted Singtex. Tsai decided on coffee grounds for fabric choice simply because she and her husband both love coffee. Her brand concept is to design daily wear dresses that bring the commitment and romance to your wardrobe. She wants her label to deliver a sense of eco-friendly beauty. Eunice Tsai defines her personal style as comfortable, simple, and elegant; she uses this as inspiration for her line. Design-wise she focuses on the attached bra design and following the contours of the female body for comfort.
When first launching the brand, Tsai found it difficult to create unique style using the attached-bra design and also finding pattern makers and manufacturers that would produce a small amount of quantity. But she insists on keeping the integrity of her brand that has made it so successful. Eunice Tsai has confidence that if they can increase production while keeping the costs affordable that they brand will definitely break into the mainstream market.
With the market for eco-fabrics constantly growing, recycled coffee grounds can now be added to the list. These used coffee grounds will no longer need to end up in landfills thanks to the innovative and cost effective methods of developing it into a fabric. If you are interested in buying her gorgeous and exclusive dresses you can contact her representative in Europe: Shekila Ramautar, Telephone number: 0031588440568

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