Testing the World’s Most Luxurious Lipsticks

Testing the World’s Most Luxurious Lipsticks

Recently, I tried my first super-expensive lipstick. Unfortunately for my bank account, I loved it. I’m not talking $34 Chanel or $35 YSL. I’m talking the Über-rarified world of lipsticks that cost as much as $50 and up.

Who knows why people are willing to pay more for things they can get for less. It’s the

magic combination of packaging, promise, and the actual products that draw us in. I know I’ll never convince a die-hard Ruby Woo fan that she needs to spend a dime more than $15, and certainly you can get great affordable lipsticks. But before you dismiss this as a rich-girl pursuit, something to read about on GOOP or Vogue or whatnot, let’s get one thing straight: I don’t underestimate how much these suckers cost. But there are moments in life when you want to pull a heavy, shiny bullet from your clutch and swipe something luxe over your lips. Precisely for this reason, I obsessively tested which ones were worth paying for.

I first selected eight of the world’s fanciest lipsticks: I tested for smoothness, the clicking sound of a magnetic closure, the torque of a twisting tube, the scent, the taste, and the quality of the pigment. While all of the lipsticks were superior to your average drugstore brand, some were exceptional. Others weren’t quite worth going into debt for. See our results in the slideshow ahead.

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